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…the future of fitness! Discover Seven Keys To Skilled Movement that unlock your potential to move with more ability and grace. Developed through years of teaching, research and application, these seven keys represent different aspects of training that weave together and dramatically improve our physical activity. The foundation of my work is client education as it applies to: physical healthstrengthgracecreativityconfidence, and our connection to the world around us. Cultivating skilled movement is a process of self-discovery and self-advancement for everyone.

– Donna Eshelman, M.A., G.C.F.P. 



— Donna Eshelman, M.A., G.C.F.P. —

is a Movement Specialist and teacher with a thriving practice in Los Angeles, California. Recognized nationally as a skilled movement educator, her academic background integrates a graduate degree in advanced dance from UCLA and post-graduate studies in kinesiology, movement analysis, motor-learning, and neuroscience. Donna’s professional life blends this technical and experiential knowledge with certifications in The Feldenkrais Method® from Florence, Italy, The Child’s Space Method of Infant Development from Chicago, and Bones for Life® with Ruthy Alon.



—  skilled movement coaching  —

Discover the 7 Keys of Fitness and how they integrate to create skillful and improved movement. Some keys are old keys, and some keys are new keys. Whether your passion is an athletic endeavor, artistic performance, leisure activity, or your goal is increased comfort in your daily work task or with your chronic pain; you can learn to improve what you do with ability, comfort and grace. 



— choreography —


Donna is also a choreography & movement coach for dance, theater and opera. She has studied several world dance forms but is primarily trained in ballet/modern dance. Her choreography is known for its inventiveness.

Her coaching draws from her kinesiology background as well as training in movement modalities such as the Feldenkrais Method of neuromuscular reeducation and Laban’s effort/shape vocabulary. Private lessons and small group classes are available for actors who wish to continue studying privately or semi-privately.



— public speaking —


An active practitioner and passionate movement scholar, Donna is also a respected speaker and writer in her field. Donna presents simple gems of fitness and skilled movement to people in a way that they can immediately apply in their life for more comfort and grace. She is known for her warm and engaging style. As an experienced educator at universities, MFA programs, movement and dance programs, arts academies, physical therapy clinics and educational forums, Donna’s dynamic philosophy and skills reach a wide range of audiences – from young dancers at conferences, seniors at luncheons, professionals in the field, executives at retreats, or graduate students in the performing arts, the range of ages and abilities she connects to is endless. Everyone appreciates learning to move with more skill.