The Stellalign




… it’s a roller, a bolster, a cushion, a pillow.

Skillfully designed to help people manage their own physical improvement, the Stellalign® promotes strength, pain relief, relaxed muscles and deeper breathing. By lying, sitting, or standing on the Stellalign® for just a few minutes, the weight of your body gently shifts the buckwheat hulls and allows your bones to rest more heavily on it. Your muscles lengthen, your breathing deepens, and you relax. When used regularly it greatly improves alignment and muscle tone.

Physical Benefits May Include:

• improved spinal alignment
• immediate relief from back pain
• stronger core and leg muscles
• deeper breathing
• lengthened muscles of the back, neck and chest
• recovery from muscle fatigue
• enhanced posture and balance
• improved vocal technique

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During the latter part of the 20th century somatics pioneer Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais introduced rollers constructed of wood as a tool for improving posture and movement. Over time he turned to softer materials – cardboard and, later, ethafoam. The Stellalign® is the next step in this direction. It creates better results since you can stay on the roller for longer periods of time, as muscles continue relaxing and stretching. Sensitive clients experience more comfort and others feel more stable.

In 2008, Donna developed the Stellalign as a tool for home use to improve posture, provide relaxation, and improve skill. She sold it on the commercial market until 2019 when she decided to focus on teaching workshops and master classes to the clients owning The Stellalign and looking to improve their understanding and home practice of it.

WORKSHOPS, CLASSES, AND MASTER CLASSES are available, please contact Donna for more information.

I use your Stellalign® almost daily as a cyclist, photographer and cinematographer. The stress of both my work in the field, and at the computer, along with the pressure on my back while on my road bike causes my shoulders to cant forward. Your Stellalign® is like having a tool to align and define your natural posture without having to work a muscle in the process. The result is much less discomfort and a more aligned, comfortable and natural sitting, walking and standing posture during my day.
— Wayne Williams (Los Angeles) Cyclist - 150/week & Photographer/Cinematographer


I highly recommend it to anyone with a busy and challenging life!! I consider myself so fortunate to have had my Stellalign® during these last few stressful years. Often in the evenings I just rest on it, my shoulders and next relax, and I find myself drawing deep peaceful breaths.
— Ben Pitre (Houston TX + San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO) Entrepreneur
Oh yes, the Stellalign® is fantastic. I used it every two hours today for relief from my (chronic) back pain. It is unbelievably wonderful. I have tried everything for my back, including chiropractic, acupuncture and traction, and nothing helps. The Stellalign® Roller does. My wife, son and I fight for it all the time!
— Dr. Steven Ross, (Orange County, CA)
I use it before my meditation practice. Over time it has made my spine more relaxed, aligned, and resilient. I also use it as a meditation cushion.
— Deborah Eden Tull, (Los Angeles) Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher
Having been a dancer for many years I let my intuition lead me in a free form of movement play. The Stellalign® is handy/accessible to use and especially welcome during those stuck indoor winter days. I just play and love it.
— Carol Warner (Maine) Former Professional Dancer