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Donna presents simple gems of fitness and skilled movement to people in a way that they can immediately apply in their life for more comfort and grace. She is known for her warm and engaging style. As an experienced educator at universities, MFA programs, movement and dance programs, arts academies, physical therapy clinics and educational forums, Donna’s dynamic philosophy and skills reach a wide range of audiences – from young dancers at conferences, seniors at luncheons, professionals in the field, executives at retreats, or graduate students in the performing arts, the range of ages and abilities she connects to is endless. Everyone appreciates learning to move with more skill.


Popular topics include:
The Feldenkrais Method and Meditation
Neuromuscular Tips for Chronic Pain
Fitness for Seniors
Overcoming Back Pain
Pilates for Dancers
Feldenkrais for Actors
Children and Motor Skills in the Digital Age

To arrange a Master Class or Workshop with Donna, please send her an email.

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