Stellar Caterpillar®


Designed and founded by Donna Eshelman, Stellar Caterpillar® is an infant-focused practice offering playful movement lessons, group classes and an insightful, educational website. We teach parents skills for guiding baby through each exciting micro-stage of skill development. With a deep understanding that mastering the milestones enhances self-esteem, increases cognitive development and inspires delight – Stellar Caterpillar® creates the perfect platform for strong self-image., Skilled movement starts here!


Private lessons in the Feldenkrais Method of Neuromuscular Reeducation benefit children of all ages. Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was married to a pediatrician. He developed his method out of the understanding of how we develop our movement patterns and how to improve them in order to improve our life. He believed that the more movement skill we cultivate the more choices we have and the richer our life becomes. Our self-esteem flourishes, our employment opportunities expand, and our joy in the everyday activities of life increases.

Benefits of Feldenkrais Lessons for children include:

  • achieving more skill in both gross and fine motor skill activities

  • improving behavior issues

  • facilitating speech development

  • improving structural asymmetry (scoliosis, torticollis, leg length differences, plagiocephaly, etc.)

  • overcoming developmental delays (for a missed milestone such as crawling)

  • addressing developmental concerns associated with a diagnosis

Please bring toys or a book to read to your child during the lesson. Also bring a snack/drink for your child for the end of the lesson.